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Billing Account

Manage your account billing.  View what services you are using  or order upgrades. 

Go to Account Billing Area

Content Manager

Edit content  that powers your website, mobile app & digital menus.

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Network Manager

Administer your network hardware including wireless passwords.

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Online Ordering Training

Overview for staff on how to use the order taking app.  Train staff to make sure no orders are missed!

Go to  Staff Training

Online Ordering Manager

Edit your online ordering settings including menu items and pricing, hours for pickup, delivery options and view your analytic reports to see how your business is performing.

Go to Online Ordering Manager

Text Messaging Manager

Use text messaging to super charge your business.  Capture phone numbers to send out text message coupons or special offers.  If you are not using Flow, you can sign up today! 

Go to Flow Messaging
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