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Using the order taking app

Once the “See MENU & Order Online” button is published on the restaurant’s website or Facebook page, the customer will be able to browse through the menu and place orders.

Each time an online order is placed, the restaurant is notified in real time. Watch this video that shows the client’s and the restaurant’s experience with online orders:

Video link:

The order is received in the order taking app and the restaurant account holder should accept it (or reject it) within a 3 minutes interval, otherwise the order status changes to “missed”. Like this:

How to install the order taking app on a new tablet or phone

Set it up from the restaurant’s admin panel >>” Menu setup & receive orders” >> “Receive orders”section. Click on “Next” button and select the type of device you are using (Android and iOS devices are supported). An email or SMS with the download link will be sent within minutes.


Install the app on multiple devices

The app may be installed on another device, starting from the same section, “Connect to another device link”:


Please note, although the order taking app may be installed on multiple devices, only one can be active, so logging in on the new device will log out the app on all previous devices.

Minimum requirements for the mobile device

  • charging while on
  • good WiFi signal
  • loud speaker (or external speaker/headset)
  • android v 4.4 or later (with Google Play supported) or iOS 9.0 or later
  • at least 1gb of RAM memory

Ensure good app connectivity

Our system checks every few minutes if it still has a connection with the  phone / tablet where the order taking app is installed.

Customers can only place orders if the order taking app is connected.  In case it is not possible to establish a connection, you can not receive orders so we show this message to your customer:


To prevent connectivity issues, make sure the mobile device has:

  • good WiFi or mobile data signal
  • no battery saver app installed (for Android devices)
  • no task killer installed (for Android devices)
  • internet connection (test by browsing from your device)
  • make sure the order taking app runs in foreground (especially for iOS devices, as iOS does not support background mode)

Landscape mode:

An auto-rotate feature is not available. While we don’t have a solution for iOS devices, on Android, as a work-around, there are apps such as “Set orientation” that may help with the landscape mode.  Download it from:


Turn off the alarm in the order taking app

The alarm cannot be turned off – when it starts ringing, the only way to stop it is to accept or reject the corresponding order. Otherwise it rings for 3 min.

Turn the volume  up/down

Keep ringtone volume high, especially in a crowded, noisy place. We do not have a capability to change this from the order taking app. This unique sound notification is designed to be heard easily even in a noisy environment, to avoid the unpleasant situations caused by missing orders. Also the notification sound stops automatically as soon as you provide an answer to the order by choosing to accept or deny it.

However, for extra control over the notification volume (e.g. turn it up), connect some external speakers which have volume controller to the order taking device. Or use a Bluetooth headset and only the person wearing it will hear the sound and also be able to adjust the volume. This way, the dedicated orders-taking person remains “tuned” to order taking and the dining place stays quiet.


Issues with connectivity & Orders – ALERT CALL

The alert call kicks in to notify the restaurant that an order is pending, but the order taking app lost the internet connection necessary to receive that order. Therefore, the restaurant should connect back the order-taking app to view and accept that order. So the alert call works in case that the order taking device has connectivity issues, while an order comes through but cannot be pushed.

The number configured for the alert call should be a number which belongs to a member of the staff that has access to the order taking app/device.

Important: the alert call is not an alert for “missed orders”.

If the order was already missed by the restaurant, then an alert call would be too little too late. The alert call is meant to prevent missed orders, so we generate it BEFORE the order is missed, 70 seconds after the food client placed it, and only if the order could not be pushed in the order-taking app.

If the order could be pushed in the order-taking app and the restaurant missed it, it means they are not willing to engage and there is no point on ringing them on the phone since ringing on the order-taking device did not make them accept the order anyway.

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