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Backup/Restore – Full CMS on the Web

Full CMS Backup/Restore

This tutorial will guide you to perform a full CMS backup on one device and restore it to another device. In this scenario, the device that will be performing the backup will henceforth be known as iPad A, while the restoration will be done on iPad B.
You will need a laptop or computer to perform the data transfer.

Step 1

Go to Settings and click CMS via Web on iPad A.
Password prompt will appear on your screen as shown below.

mobipos cms backup restore password admin


Step 2

Kindly input the administrator’s password and click OK.

mobipos cms backup restore password admin


Notification will popup on your screen to indicate CMS via Web has started.

mobipos cms web backup restore ipad address


Please take note that exiting this page will automatically turn off CMS via Web.

Step 3

On your computer, type in the highlighted URL into your browser and you will see the page as below.

Step 4

Under Content Management System, go to Backup/Restore as highlighted below.

mobipos cms backup restore content management system


Click Download Full Backup and the backup zip file will be saved in your computer.

mobipos cms backup restore


On iPad B, repeat Steps 1 to Step 2 to initiate CMS via Web.

mobipos cms backup restore ipaddress


On the same computer, please key in the new URL into your browser to access iPad B.
Proceed to Backup/Restore as highlighted below.

mobipos cms backup restore


Under Backup/Restore, click Choose File instead.

mobipos cms backup restore


Locate the previously saved in your computer and click Open.

mobipos cms backup restore file select


Click Upload Backup & Restore.

mobipos cms backup restore choose file


There will be a popup notification to indicate that the System Restoration is successful.

mobipos cms backup restore


iPad B will now have all your menu, sales data and reports from iPad A.

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