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Settings – Settings – PayPal Here

PayPal Here

Under Settings -> Payment Types -> Type, tap on PayPal Here to set it as a payment type.

pos system paypal here payment type

To use PayPal Here, login is needed under a registered account.
Refer to the guide below for PayPal Here Setup.

PayPal Here Setup

pos system paypal here login

Login to authorize MobiPOS to process payments on your behalf.
This may take a few steps. If the authorization process is successful, you will be directed back to MobiPOS.

pos system paypal here mobipos

Open up MobiPOS and you’ll see the message below.

pos system paypal here login success

Create a new payment with Paypal Here as the payment type and you should be up and running.

During the authorization, if you did not see the pop up asking to open up MobiPOS, it means you do not have a valid Paypal Here account.

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