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Payment Types


MobiPOS integrates up to 20 payment types.
If the payment type is deleted or modified, it will affect past report reading.

pos system payment type list



If the payment is set as cash it will affect the till balance.

Visa / Master

If payment is done using credit cards, the payment type can be set to either visa or master.
However, using either type will not affect the functions of payment as the categorization is merely for reporting purposes.


Check functions are currently unavailable.


Voucher as a payment type must be set up according to the application of the voucher.
The configuration of two voucher payment types are stated as below:

Non-Refundable Voucher For a non-refundable voucher whereby the sum of a transaction is not repayable or returnable in any circumstances, user should configure “Payment Type” in settings to “Voucher”.
Hence, any balance from the voucher used upon check-out will be forfeited.
Changing the setting is important as it will be reflected in daily reporting.
The amount will be stated under “Forfeited Voucher” in your daily sales report as portrayed below.

The image shows payment for a $2.50 item using a $5.00 voucher.
There is a supposed balance of $2.50 to be returned to the customer.
But due to the configuration of voucher as the payment type, the balance is automatically forfeited and no balance is returned to the customer.

pos system non refundable voucher

Refundable Voucher
A refundable voucher is used similarly to cash therefore, “Payment Type” should be set to “Cash” instead.
When customer applies voucher upon checkout, the supposed balance will be returned and daily report will reflect sales amount according to the transaction.

* For utilization and setup of MobiPOS integrated payment systems, navigate through the tabs above.

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