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Cash Register – Stock Take

Stock Take

The Stock Take function allows you to create a stock take record, manage your stocks, and rectify major discrepancies between expected stock and actual stock.

Things to Note:
Stock take should only be done when the business is not in operation or the stocks are not susceptible to change, as transactions made during the stock take might not be reflected correctly in the Stock Take while stocktaking process is ongoing.

Mobi pos stock take function button


Mobi pos stock take button

We’ll start off by going to the Cash Register from the main menu, click on the Functions button on the top right, then Stock Take.

Mobi pos stock take create button

To start the stock take procedure, we will need to create a stock take record, do this by clicking on the Create Stock Take button.

Mobi pos stock take navigation bar

This page will show you all the product items with track inventory turned on.
You can search or filter your store items with the Search Bar on top.

Mobi pos stock take sort by button

Sort By button will show you a list of your categories to sort by.

Mobi pos stock take sacn barcode

You can also scan the product’s barcode using your device’s camera with the Scan Barcode feature.

Mobi pos stock take expected column

This Expected column shows your expected stock according to your business transactions within the system.

Mobi pos stock take counted column

The Counted column is used to insert the actual stocks counted in your store.

Mobi pos stock take counted column 2

If the actual stock is the same as the expected stock, simply click on the item row and it will populate the value to be the same. If it isn’t, you can manually type in the counted stocks in the text field, you can also use the + or  keys to add or subtract stocks from the counted column.

Mobi pos stock take difference column

Once you have keyed in the number of stocks counted in the Counted column, the Difference would appear, which is the difference between the Expected stocks and the Counted stocks. The Tick will appear on the right representing that stock take is taken for this particular product.

Mobi pos stock take remarks

Once you are done with the stock take, you can choose to add Remarks at the bottom of the page.
Then click on the Next button to preview.

Mobi pos stock take confirmation page

This will bring you to a final confirmation/preview page.

Mobi pos stock take save confirmation

Once you are satisfied with the stock take, click on the Save button to create the Stock Take record. A confirmation will pop up showing you that you have successfully recorded the stock take.
With this, all product’s inventory count will be adjusted according to the Counted count.

Mobi pos stock take record

All past stock take records will be shown here and clicking on the Info button, you will be able to see the details of this particular stock take’s record.
Stocktaking can be done using a terminal device as well, with that you could bring an iPad or iPhone into the warehouse to perform stock take.

Post-Stock Take Adjustments

If you have made a mistake during the stocktaking procedure and wish to rectify it, you may:
Go to Main Menu, click on Settings

Mobi pos stock take add item-combo

Click on Add Item/Combo.

Mobi pos stock take select item

Select the item of which you would like to adjust.

Mobi pos stock take select inventory

Click on Inventory.

Mobi pos stock take select adjustment type

Choose the Adjustment Type.

Mobi pos stock take select adjustment quantity and remark

Type in the quantity adjusted and remarks.

Mobi pos stock take adjusted record

Once you’re done, click on the Adjust button, your adjustment record will then be shown here.

In the history section, stock adjustments made with the Stock Take function will show with its stocktaking record number (STK000001), manual adjustments will not have a Stock Take number.

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