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Report – Mail Settings

Mail Settings

This will allow you to assign email addresses where generated reports can be sent to. Reports will always be sent to emails listed in the Mail Settings.

main page mail settings

From the main menu, click on the Report button.

button mail settings

Scroll all the way down and click on Mail Settings.

email add mail settings

Add the email addresses that you want the reports to be sent to. You can add up to 3.

save mail mail settings

Once you have added the email addresses, remember to click on Save Mail Settings.

saved email mail settings

A popup will appear to show that you have successfully saved the email addresses.

generate report mail settings

Now head to any report you wish to mail, click on Generate Report.

mail report mail settings

Once you have generated a report, click on the Mail Report button.

mail type mail settings

Choose whether you would want the report to be sent in “PDF” format or “Excel” format.

send mail mail settings

Next, an email editor will be shown where you are able to compose and amend the email details. Once you are satisfied, click on Send.

confirmation mail settings

One last popup will notify you that you have successfully sent out the report by e-mail.

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