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Settings – Printer Settings – Barcode Label Printing

Barcode Label Printing

This feature allows users to print the respective barcode labels for each product item.
Currently, barcode label printing works only with Honeywell PC42 label printer.
Label printing does not work without setting up the printer under Settings -> Printers.

To use this feature, go to Settings -> Barcode Label Printing.

pos system barcode label printing settings

You need to insert the following information as shown in the image above:
Click on “Choose Item” to select from the list of product items with barcode number.
If you need to modify the product barcode number, you can change the barcode number at the barcode value text field later on.

pos system barcode items list settings

Next, the user needs to select the Barcode Type, ranging from EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, CODE128, CODE39, as shown in the image below.
Do note that each barcode type has its own formatting and requires a different number of digits.

pos system barcode label printing barcode type settings

Barcode Position -> The barcode printing position in “x” (horizontal position) and “y” axis (vertical position)
Barcode Height-> The height of the barcode in y-axis.
Barcode Width-> The width is in terms of a ratio, which is default to 2.
User can adjust the barcode width by clicking “” and “+“.
Upon adjusting the ratio, the size of each barcode line and space between each line increase with the ratio.

An example of the size of the barcode is shown below:
Barcode Position – X: 60, Y: 50
Barcode Height – 100
Barcode Width – 2 (default)

pos system xy axis grid barcode sample settings

The number of copies to be printed-> To specify the number of barcode copies to be printed. This is useful when new stock has arrived, and each of them has to be labeled.
Barcode Value-> The barcode number of the product item. The barcode value will be shown automatically upon selecting the item for barcode label printing.
This can be modified if needed.
Text Value 1 -> Information text which is to be printed on the label. The text is bolded and the text position should be specified in terms of x and y-axis with the same concept as the barcode x and y position.
Text Value 2 -> Information text which is to be printed on the label. The type of the text is normal, and the text position should be specified in terms of x and y-axis.

The text size for both Text Value 1 and 2 is fixed.

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